Get Your Club Flyers Printed

korum servicesAre you trying to promote that hot club or latest new place to go in town? A simple, low cost way to do this is by using flyers. Korum Services has the best deals in town to get your flyers printed so you can promote your venue quickly and effectively. Don’t only think about flyers only for a club promotionbut tickets for entry, invitations, passes and even souvenirs if your clubber has a great time!

Flyers are an advertising tool not only for clubs but other types of business that may be having a great sale or special offer that needs to be promoted efficiently and economically.

All of our flyers can be printed on high quality, thick card stock that is tough enough to be used for flyers and is durable enough to be passed from hand to hand. The flyers can be further coated with an aqueous coating to make sure that your flyers are protected and intensify the colors of your design so your flyer stands out above your competitors. This type of card stock for your flyer can be UV gloss, shiny gloss or an ultra modern matte coating. We can ensure that your product is perfect and your images are super sharp with the high resolution necessary.

If you would prefer, you can forgo the coating and use recycled stock, this type of flyer doesn’t have any coating and is used for various purposes, for example, if you need flyers that are writable as well as convey a message of being eco-friendly. And don’t forget, all these types of flyers can be two sided and use a combination all of the coatings that we have mentioned above.

If you need help designing your flyer our friendly staff at Korum Services will be happy to help so give us a call at (305) 571-9199 so we can discuss your options.

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