Car Wraps By Korum Services

korumservicesCar wraps are the latest advertising media that is used today to get your brand and business seen. Custom vehicle wrapping  can be in any size, color or shape that suits your business.  A car wrap can partially cover a vehicle or cover the entire vehicle with your logo and design. The initial wrap is printed in  vinyl so that it can easily be removed from  your vehicle when needed. It can cover your car windows  to give you a total uniform look while still giving you the ability to look and see through the glass.

If you use vehicles for your business or even a vehicle for your transportation to and from your business it makes sense to combine your transportation into your advertising media. Once you have paid for the initial cost for the vehicle wrap you have the possibility of attracting thousands of impressions (people who see your ad ) each day, everyday for approximately three to five years. This is the usual amount of time that a car wrap can last for. This is a great return on investment. Don’t worry if you decide that you need to change your telephone number or something else on your car wrap, we can easily make a change  that doesn’t involve removing the whole wrap so your business can run smoothly.

The beauty of a car wrap is that it is not permanently  affixed to your vehicle. If you decide at any point you would like to change your car wrap you have the ability to remove your wrap and either create a new wrap or completely remove the wrap altogether without damaging the paint on your vehicle.

With a  vehicle wrap it doesn’t make a difference what color or shape your vehicle is, Korum Services can wrap all types of vehicles, trailers and even boats and buses.

Vehicle Wraps are one of the most cost effective methods of advertising that will make you stand out from your competitors as well as provide you with the most impressions for minimal outlay. If you need help designing your vehicle wrap, our in house designers at Korum Services are here to help you. Just call us for an appointment: 241-74-12-80

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