Business Cards you are starting your own business or have a business already established, you may have business cards. Have you given any thought to just how important a business card is? It is your first impression that you give to a potential client or customer and your lasting impression that you leave with them. A business card is the most effective way to give your information to a prospective client and should represent you properly.

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Your business card should at the very least contain all your contact information which should be current as well as your business name and may be a logo or your business brand.

Try not to make any changes to your contact information in the near future like changing your email or phone number. People might hold onto your card and call you in a few months. You want them to reach you so you can gain business. At the very least have a forwarding number placed on your old account.

When thinking about your card design you want to think about your clients. What would appeal to them? You might want to put a picture of yourself or a graphic of the type of business that you have. There are as many options as you can think of.

You can use both sides of the card and lists the services that you may provide or different things that your business can offer so customers can see at a glance information that they might be curious about

 Some people are given dozens of business cards. You want to make sure that yours stands out above the rest. Speak to one of our knowledgeable associates at Korum Services to see what options would best fit you and business need.

* Please see flyer on website for details.

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