Print Marketing For Realtors today’s difficult economy and home sales at record lows, it is essential for realtors to distinguish themselves from others in the market and increase their own sales. Increased sales of any sort are usually done through marketing.

Most Realtors use printed matter as a way to reach clients through brochures, catalogues and signs. With everyone having to watch the bottom line you want to make that you use your advertising dollar wisely so what do you start with?

We already talked about business cards in a previous post and they will be your most economical way to market yourself and approach people. You can mail clients a prospective letter about yourself and company and include a business card.

Hand them out a business mixers or networking events and always be prepared. How many times have you been out and someone has asked you for a card. If you didn’t have any, this could be lost business for you.

The next most cost effective choice would be post cards. They come in several sizes with different finishes and can of course include much more color, fonts and content than business cards

Next in your campaign would be to include a catalogue or booklet of your listings with photographs. The catalogue would have multiple pages and allow a Realtor to show case their listings in full color maybe highlighting a premium listings from other listings. Your catalogue or brochure can be designed in such a way that it can be easily folded to put in the mail or put into circulation mailers.

Korum services can design and print anything that you may need to get your marketing campaign together and increase your sales. From a small business card to For Sale signs. Please give us a call and one of our friendly associates will be happy to help you.

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