How to “Wow” at Trade Shows with Creative Printing Services

Trade shows are an excellent avenue to help any company bring in a completely new set of clientele. However, it is very easy to get lost at a trade show as they are filled with plenty of other reputable companies that are also there for the same goal: to gain new business. At trade shows, it is important to not only stand out based on your amazing business model, but to also draw in clients with an aesthetically-pleasing display and custom-printed promotional products that are useful and memorable. Standing out at a trade show is tough, but it can be done. Here are some great tips on how to make your business truly stand out at a trade show.
1) Have a Professional Trade Show Kit Printed – Many companies go to trade shows with brochures, key chains and a table cloth. There is a common assumption that this is all you need. However, if you are going to attend trade shows regularly, it is important to create a kit that you will be using regularly. Table toppers, banners, and other features can be added to a regular card table to make it look magnificent. Miami printing services can surely help set you up with things like this.
2) Invest in creative promotional products – Creative promotional products will help you stand out at a trade show. Everyone always remembers the person that gave out disposable cameras, drink flasks or another useful and memorable product. Try to keep your promotional product as closely related to your industry as possible. Otherwise, even the most creative of ideas will get lost in translation.
3) Create unique business cards – Business cards are always useful at trade shows, but most of them look completely the same. Creating a business card that also turns into a 3-D model of itself, or a business car printed on actual tree bark will truly stand out. Be sure to consider your industry and brainstorm creative ideas for memorable Miami business cards.

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Land Your Dream Job with Custom Printing

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to land a job these days, let alone your dream job. With the economy experiencing such dire times, many people are finding that it is near impossible to get into a job they actually feel passionate about and comfortable with. This just should not be how things are though. Even with the state of the economy, there are still ways to land that dream job, it just takes a lot more effort. In reality, this is probably a good thing, because only the truly qualified and passionate will receive the jobs that are worthwhile, right? Well, probably not entirely. To discount the idea of “It’s not about what you know, but who you know” is just silly. However, not every job situation is dominated by multiple candidates that know the owner of the company. How can you stand out in situation where merit, creativity and perseverance are the game changers? Custom-printed materials are actual a great way to move ahead of your fellow colleagues and snag the job of your dreams.
When preparing to attend any interview, have items that are basic for every interview (resume, work samples, letters of recommendation, etc.) but try to include a few standout items that are unique to every particular job. First of all, be sure to include a cover letter that is centered on that particular position. Having some custom-printed stationary is a good idea for this. It creates a higher level of professionalism, as also informs the interviewer that you are serious about your career and the possibility of taking on this position.
Another positive idea is to have custom-printed presentation folders made. You can set up multiple custom-printed folders with all of the regular items that you provide for all interviews and then just add personal items to each folder. This will make the interview process a lot less difficult as you will be half-way prepared before any interview is even scheduled.
Having your project samples printed on high-quality paper is also a good practice for interviewing. It is important to treat every interview as if it might be the time you finally land the job of your dreams. Custom-printed presentation folders, project samples and cover letters will truly set you apart.
Have you used custom-printed items to help you with interviews? If not, would you consider it? Also, how have you always landed the job you wanted? Or what might you have done that may have caused you to not get that job? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below!

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Enhance Big Events with Custom-Printed Gifts

From the very personal occasions, such as having your first baby, to the highly-publicized major events, such as a store’s grand reopening, custom-printed promotional products are a highly sought after commodity. There are multiple reasons why simple, “kitchy” gifts have become so popular. Affordability, branding and leaving a lasting impression upon potential and current customers are certainly among the top three.
For a moment, let’s imagine that you are planning a large event to attract new clientele to your recently launched public relations firm. You have a solid business plan, a well-educated and experienced staff and a gorgeous office location. However, aside from family and friends, no one knows who you are. This can be very discouraging considering how much work you have clearly put into to this professional project. More than likely, this public relations firm is not simply a project, but actually, your livelihood. Therefore, ending up in debt with a fledgling business is simply not an option.
Promotional products are an incredibly simple and intelligent way to get your brand out to the masses. People do hold on to promotional products such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, magnets and key chains. Often, these are things consumers will see on a daily basis without even intending to. Chances are good that at one point or another, a good percentage of the people you give out these items to will need your services and give you a call. Just a few clients will typically offset the cost of having several hundred promotional products printed. And most likely, you will receive more than just a few calls based off of these custom-printed promotional items.
Here are a few best practices for printing promotional products for big events and how to best distribute them.
1) Have a Tiered System of Promotional Products – Smaller promotional products, such as magnets, key chains, buttons and stickers are far less expensive than t-shirts or mugs. Make sure that if you are at a trade show or other event where you can give out multiple branded promotional products, be sure to offer the less expensive items to passer-bys or people who politely stop, but express little interest in your business. Those that stop for a longer period of time, genuinely ask questions and engage you regarding your business should receive the more expensive options, such as a t-shirt, coffee mug or calendar. Be sure to send them with a nice custom-printed folder full of clear information on your company as well.
2) Just to Have around the Office – After big meetings, or even if someone drops by your office inquiring about services, leave them with a parting gift. Again, try to stick to a tiered system as to not waste an expensive product on someone showing little interest in your services.
3) Pick Promotional Products related to your Industry – For the most part, key chains, magnets, stickers, t-shirts and mugs are the main promotional products that companies purchase. However, certain businesses are able to capitalize on these promotional products by putting their name on relateable products, such as staplers for an office-themed company, or stress balls for a psychology practice. Build on your brand by choosing products that are relatable and memorable.

These are just a few of the best practices for distributing and choosing promotional products for your business. Have you had any business come your way by using this method? What types of products did you have your logo printed on? What worked and what did not? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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