Tear off cards from Korum

korumservicesTear off cards are an underutilized marketing material that some businesses are unfamiliar with. So what is a tear off card? This is similar to an elongated postcard which has a piece the size of a business card that a client may tear off while retaining the larger card.

There are many different uses for tear off cards. Today some businesses use them for promotions such as coupons where a client can tear off a coupon and present it when they would like to use the discount. They can then keep the postcard and retain your contact information should they need it in the future. Tear off cards can be used by schools or organizations who run raffles for fundraising efforts. The purchases would keep one side of the tear off and the other side would go into the raffle. These options are to name just a few.

It is possible to reverse the promotion where the tear off is a business card that the client keeps and the larger postcard is taken to an event or is used to gain entry to a party for example. This is a good way to separate your business cards from other businesses and set yourself apart from others. When a client has to tear your business card off from a perforation it is more likely that they will hold on to your card.

As with postcards. Tear off cards have all the same options, and can come in unlimited colors and coatings. The smaller tear off portion usually has smaller font so that it can retain all the information that may be printed on the larger post card.

At Korum Services we are able to create tear off door hangers which work in the same way as tear off cards so if you feel that tear off cards may be an option you may want to look at door hangers too. Please give us a call at so we can discuss the options that are available to you.

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