What Are Silk Business Cards?

Korum ServicesSilk business cards are a very new technology that many people have not even heard of.  The feel and touch of these cards are unlike any other and cannot be easily explained. They have the look of a full color business card that has been laminated but they feel silky smooth to the touch.

The beauty of silk cards is that they are almost indestructible! They are water resistant, do not tear or rip easily and can be written on if you need to make a note or write down a number. Silk business cards are easily the sign that you are ready to take your business to the next level.

Silk business cards look very elegant and are more likely to impress potential clients and customers. The reason for this is that a heavy card stock is used for the process. This combined with a silk or satin laminate produces a thick durable card. The cards are then cut using a die-cutting machine to your specified dimensions. Once the design is finalized and printed to the specific color specifications, the silk coating is then applied. Other enhancements can be made to the cards, for example, gloss UV coating in various places.

You may wonder why you should choose silk cards over other types of cards that are available. May be matte or gloss business cards. It is all about branding your business and the perception your card gives when you hand it over to some one. Most of all you want to stand out from a crowd. You want to separate yourself from other businesses and remembered. If you only have a small business card to do that with then you want to make sure that it leaves the greatest impact. It is worth spending a small amount to increase potential revenue for your business. Please Call Korum to learn how we can help you with your business cards or any other printing needs that you may have or visit our website at http://www.korumservices.com

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