Presentation Folders

korumservicesDon’t over look those presentation folders! As we always say at Korum Services, branding is everything.  A presentation folder is an essential marketing tool  that should not be overlooked. If you give clients any sort of documents that they need to keep, for example, for a business presentation to attract a new client, for a real estate closing or legal documents. The perfect accompaniment for your business would be to present these documents in a presentation folder . This folder should have your logo and your branding that give it a real professional touch.

Presentation folders come in different sizes and can fit the specific industry that you may need them for. Legal size folders for larger documents, as well as large capacity folders or three panel folders. All these different combinations can be printed in different colors as well as different finishes  to help you look professional and attract more clients.

Presentation folders have many uses in other industries such as the hotel and service industry to detail the amenities that may be available for functions. A presentation folder can be used for a school prospectus or an open house at a university or college. Whichever industry that you decide to use a presentation folder for,  it is an easy way for potential clients and customers to store the information that you have given them in an easily accessible way.

A client is more likely to keep a presentation folder as it allows them to store their documents in an organized manner as well as protecting those documents from damage.  A client stores their documents in a presentation folder that has your contact information on it, this is an easy way for your clients to retain your information should they need it at a later date.  Our in house design team at Korum Services can show you all the options that you may have to create the perfect custom presentation folder for your business whether this is the perfect color that fits into your brand or the placement of your logo.

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