Custom Printed Stickers

korumservicesAt Korum Services we print a large array of custom stickers for our clients. You might wonder what you would use custom stickers for. In fact they are another marketing tool that can be used to promote your business quickly and effectively, getting your brand visually seen in many places that you may otherwise over look.

How many times have you seen the Apple logo prominently displayed on a car. You assume that this person probably owns an Apple computer and the sticker came free with the computer, but other than that the relationship stops there. This is still advertising on Apples part and it is free advertising! All of the people driving around with these stickers are not being paid by Apple,  but Apple is smart enough to market their brand every time you see the Apple sticker for free.

Imagine if you sent or gave stickers to your clients with their order or service. Maybe they would put one of them on the back of their car, or at their work place, store front window, or on a door. The exposure is what every business needs and every opportunity should be taken advantage of. Our stickers at Korum Services are UV coated therefore making it easier for them to withstand the elements and last longer if they were to be placed outside.  They come in round, oval and rectangular shapes and in all different sizes. Of course there are many different color options for your design. One of our design consultants at Korum Services would be happy to explain the different variations to you.

Stickers can be used at events as part of the promotional ‘swag’, at campaigns to promote candidates, window decals and of course any sort of promotional marketing.  Stickers can be put anywhere, and come in any size and shape which of course makes the possibilities endless.

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