Door Hangers from Korum Services are always looking for an edge that is economic and efficient. Have you thought of using custom printed door hangers?  If you have used postcards or brochures to advertise your business than door hangers may also be an option for you. A door hanger is a long elongated piece of card which contains information that can be printed on both sides and then distributed by being hung on doors of businesses and residences.

Whether you have an Air conditioning business, a restaurant or a new store in the area, door hangers are a great advertising media. They are a good way to feature what your business has to offer and incorporate information that you may want your clientele to know. For example a door hanger has enough space to incorporate a menu if you are a restaurant or special offers and prices if you offer a service.

The options when it comes to door hangers are unlimited. What ever you may need for your business, Korum Services can provide you with the options that are available. We can any match any colors that you may want and print your hanger in a matte finish or UV coating.

If you don’t have a design for your door hangers and are unsure as to where to start then we can design one for you that can be creative and eye catching too, just give us a call at: 305-571-9199. Or visit us at

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