Door Hangers from Korum Services are always looking for an edge that is economic and efficient. Have you thought of using custom printed door hangers?  If you have used postcards or brochures to advertise your business than door hangers may also be an option for you. A door hanger is a long elongated piece of card which contains information that can be printed on both sides and then distributed by being hung on doors of businesses and residences.

Whether you have an Air conditioning business, a restaurant or a new store in the area, door hangers are a great advertising media. They are a good way to feature what your business has to offer and incorporate information that you may want your clientele to know. For example a door hanger has enough space to incorporate a menu if you are a restaurant or special offers and prices if you offer a service.

The options when it comes to door hangers are unlimited. What ever you may need for your business, Korum Services can provide you with the options that are available. We can any match any colors that you may want and print your hanger in a matte finish or UV coating.

If you don’t have a design for your door hangers and are unsure as to where to start then we can design one for you that can be creative and eye catching too, just give us a call at: 305-571-9199. Or visit us at

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Print Marketing For Realtors today’s difficult economy and home sales at record lows, it is essential for realtors to distinguish themselves from others in the market and increase their own sales. Increased sales of any sort are usually done through marketing.

Most Realtors use printed matter as a way to reach clients through brochures, catalogues and signs. With everyone having to watch the bottom line you want to make that you use your advertising dollar wisely so what do you start with?

We already talked about business cards in a previous post and they will be your most economical way to market yourself and approach people. You can mail clients a prospective letter about yourself and company and include a business card.

Hand them out a business mixers or networking events and always be prepared. How many times have you been out and someone has asked you for a card. If you didn’t have any, this could be lost business for you.

The next most cost effective choice would be post cards. They come in several sizes with different finishes and can of course include much more color, fonts and content than business cards

Next in your campaign would be to include a catalogue or booklet of your listings with photographs. The catalogue would have multiple pages and allow a Realtor to show case their listings in full color maybe highlighting a premium listings from other listings. Your catalogue or brochure can be designed in such a way that it can be easily folded to put in the mail or put into circulation mailers.

Korum services can design and print anything that you may need to get your marketing campaign together and increase your sales. From a small business card to For Sale signs. Please give us a call and one of our friendly associates will be happy to help you.

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Business Cards you are starting your own business or have a business already established, you may have business cards. Have you given any thought to just how important a business card is? It is your first impression that you give to a potential client or customer and your lasting impression that you leave with them. A business card is the most effective way to give your information to a prospective client and should represent you properly.

Korum Services has a special offer available for a limited time only. We will give you 40% off your fist order of print services for any new start up business*. Give us a call or come into our store, we can easily place your order and get you started.

Your business card should at the very least contain all your contact information which should be current as well as your business name and may be a logo or your business brand.

Try not to make any changes to your contact information in the near future like changing your email or phone number. People might hold onto your card and call you in a few months. You want them to reach you so you can gain business. At the very least have a forwarding number placed on your old account.

When thinking about your card design you want to think about your clients. What would appeal to them? You might want to put a picture of yourself or a graphic of the type of business that you have. There are as many options as you can think of.

You can use both sides of the card and lists the services that you may provide or different things that your business can offer so customers can see at a glance information that they might be curious about

 Some people are given dozens of business cards. You want to make sure that yours stands out above the rest. Speak to one of our knowledgeable associates at Korum Services to see what options would best fit you and business need.

* Please see flyer on website for details.

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Services Available at the Korum Store

You can rely on Korum Services for all your printing needs whether it is business cards, door hangers, flyers, postcards, magnets or anything else that you can think of, we can print it for you. If you need a rush on your print job, don’t worry we can manage that too.

Our state of the art printers can handle any print jobs no matter the size or the quantity. We produce one of a kind special orders as well as large repeat orders. And if you are looking for large format printing we have in house printers specifically for this job. Just ask one of our qualified professionals, they would be happy to assist you with all your printing needs.


Looking to make an impression? Vinyl signs, lettering and store front wraps are one of the quickest and most affordable ways to make the most impact in your advertising campaign. All of our signs are weather resistant and UV coated to protect against fading and prolong the life of the sign.

They come in a variety of sizes to suit any occasion whether that is for your store front, trade show, local school or sporting stadium. Our design team can create and design a sign that can be reproduced on our machines with exceptional quality. And if you need it quickly just let us know so we can ensure a fast turn around time.

Car Wraps

If you want to get your business noticed, than why not use auto wraps and vehicle graphics. Our design team can provide you with custom graphics so that you stand out in a crowd, apart and above your competitors.

Utilizing an effective marketing campaign by incorporating mobile marketing into your advertising will reach hundreds of people through the course of a day and may be the effective edge that you need.

We can wrap an individual car or an entire fleet of cars. Making use of this type of advertising will allow you to engage the general public as well as target audiences for launches and new product marketing.

Custom Apparel and Merchandising

Custom apparel and merchandising is a perfect way to advertise your event which might be a corporate picnic, school sporting team or family reunion, whether you need t-shirts, caps, mugs or bags, we can print exactly what you need.

Merchandising is an opportunity to focus on your corporate brand and bring it to the forefront, allowing customers to visualize it and identify with it. Putting your logo and name on everything that you have is merchandise branding.

If you are a restaurant, don’t just focus on the sign and name of the restaurant as your brand but why not have the name of the restaurant on the napkins, plates and menus. If you are a small boutique hotel we can put your logo on anything, towels, brochures…..even the bottom of the pool!

We offer digital printing, vinyl printing and embroidered apparel. Our merchandise is available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes that will suit any occasion, just let us know what you are looking for and we can provide it.

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