What’s a Restaurant Without a Printed Restaurant Menu!

korum servicesYou know it. There have been many times when you may go to a restaurant to get something to eat only to find the menu is up on the wall, literally written in chalk or black lettering all over one of the walls. It can be really confusing and over whelming and you wonder, why didn’t they just get printed menus?

While this may be the exception and not the rule, printed restaurant menus are really a form of expression. They can take on a life of themselves and are a brand of the business and what it represents. You can have the printed menu change from season to season or it can stay the same through out the year. The card stock and the type of finish that you use should be thought about when you design your menu. It should be durable to be able to withstand food and beverage spillage as well as continuous wear and tear of being passed though multiple hands of customers and staff.

Your restaurant can offer different types of menus depending on the service. Printed takeout menus might be of a lighter regular copy paper. Some patrons may take these menus with them to store at home ready for when they next order from your establishment. Some of these menus may be put into take out bags and get thrown away by mistake. These types of situations should all be factored into the cost of the printed menus. Seating menus as previously stated need to be durable and should be printed on heavy duty stock with a gloss finish. As these menus will stay within the establishment, more should be spent on making sure the menus are durable and stay looking clean and sharp for the time that you need them. There is nothing worse than looking at a menu that is dog-eared and dirty.

If you already have a design or logo for your restaurant, our staff at Korum Services understands how to put your menu together so that it works for you and your business. If you are unsure of which direction you should follow, our in house designers will be more than happy to sit down with you and explain what options would help your restaurant. Remember your menu layout, design and look is a direct representation of your brand. Customers view it before they even eat your food so much thought should be taken in the design process so that you are happy with the outcome.

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